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Aronax Technology & Innovation
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Past Areas of Innovation:
     a. Novel Topical Cremes for Treatment of Eczema
     b. Innovative Technigue for Bubble Detection in Laminate Structures of Different Substances
     c. Modular-Rapid Deployment Chemical and Biological Weapons Destruction Process
     d. Novel Rodenticides that overcome Rodent "Risk Avoidance" Strategies and Reduce Non-target Species Poisoning
     e. Development and Patenting of Novel Electrospray-based Cooking Processes
     f. Patenting of Novel Rocket and Combustion Engine Fuels from Waste Metals
     g. Novel Down-hole Water-from-Oil Separation Processes
     h. Novel Adaptations to Rock Bolts for Detection and Notification of Bolt Failure
     i.  Bacterial and Viral Destruction Techniques in Harsh Environments
     j. Rapid and Low Cost Identification of Unexploded Ordinance in Urban Enviroments
     k. Novel Seed Coatings for Enhancing Seed Nutrient Uptake and Protection from Bacterial and Fungal Pathogens
     l. Design and Prototype Testing of Energy Conservative-High Production-Bosecure Food Production using Old Buildings and Warehouses
    m. Patented Novel Soil-less Growth Media (onsite and commercial production)
    n. Identification and Licensing of Novel Natural Fungal Inactivation Chemical for Turf and Plants
    o. Identification and Licensing of Novel Natural Pesticide
    p. Design and patent of Novel Highly Textile and Puncture Resistant Surgical Gloves
    q. Desvelopment of Novel Immersion therapy for Treatment of Pulmonary Hypertension; Psorisis, and Diabietic Ulcerations/wounds
    r. Identification and Summary of Novel Use of Superoxide Anions for Treatment of Chronic COPD and Severe Asthma Patients

Other Areas of Innovation:
    a. Design of Standard Modular Solids in Wastewater Removal Process with No-Discharge Water Elimination
    b. Novel Natural, Highly Biodegrable Soil Additives to Increase Water Absorption and Retention in Drought Plagued Regions
    c. Novel Design and Process for High Energy Efficient Salterwater Desalination in Sever Cold and Desert Locations
    d. Non-Chemical Treatment of Cooling Tower Water to Prevent Bacterial Growth and Extend Water Use Period

Current Projects:
    a. Novel nanoproteins for utilization in real-time contaminant identification in aqueous solutions
    b. Non-chemical treatment of acid mine seepage (conversion to freshwater)
    c. Separation and Capture of Nitrate from High Temperature NaNO3
    d. Proof-of-Concept of heavy non-chemical removal of heavy metals, various salts, and organics from brackish well water


Strategic Collaboration
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